Jean Paul Bourdier


This Is really an appreciation post for this man’s body of work – The discovery of his work, Images and understanding his contribution to body art and the world of fine art has been a real inspiration. There are many videos put together by other artists who have been inspired by his body of work, one is linked below but you can find them on youtube and vimeo and they are pieces of art in themselves. His photographs are beautiful the elements of composition and the relationship between the natural form – painted or unpainted are breathtaking. The locations in which he chooses to shoot really explore the beauty of the earth. I think his work really is a discussion about human existence and what the point of it all is? And how we navigate those huge questions. The colours used to paint the skin in Jean Paul Bourdier’s work are clearly thought out with much consideration of the natural landscapes – it’s not just an after thought every image is thought out as a painting would be – colours -composition and how the two relate, there is a deep connection between the model and the surrounding nature. He also paints elements of the natural world using chalk and coloured sand to create strange alien like landscapes.

‘To paint

Is to release

The fragrance

Of one’s passage

On earth’

From ‘Thoughts’ the artists poetic stream of consciousness

‘Naked is the body

Clothed is the mind’

‘When I am this earth

All faces

Are my face’

‘Like a colour

Humans are mysterious

Unless someone

Has found out

What blue red and yellow


Quotes are from Jean Paul Bourdier’s Thoughts –

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